Q. Where is LULU CYBER TOWER 2 – IT PARK Located?

A. INFOPARK Phase 1, INFOPARK SEZ, Kakkanad, KOCHI – 682 042, Kerala, India.

Q. Who are the Promoters?

A. Lulu Group International, a highly diversified group with an Annual Turnover of $5.5 billion.

Q. What is the site area of LULU CYBER TOWER-IT PARKS?

A. The site area of LULU CYBER TOWERS 1 & 2 - IT Parks is 7.44 Acres (3, 24,090 SQ.FEET = 30,109 SQ.M)

Q. What is the distance from Strategic Points?

A. The Distance from Cochin International Airport is 26 Kms. The Distance from EKM North RLY. Station is 13 Kms. Distance from Vytilla Mobility Hub is 12 Kms.

Q. What is the total built up area?

A. The total built up area is 1,35,972 SQ.M (14,63,603 SQ.FEET)

Q. How many blocks are present at LULU CYBER TOWER 2 & What is the area of block?

A. LULU CYBER TOWER 2 is a Single Block Building with Ground+19 Floors. Office Floors are situated from 9th to 19th Floors. Typical Office Floor has a leasable area of 83,896 Sq. Feet each.

Q. How far is LULU CYBER TOWER 2 away from the residential area?

A. Kochi’s new IT parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are found in the northeast suburbs of Kalamassery and Kakkanad. A great deal of new residential development is also happening in these areas. Future residential apartments are slated for development east of the Airport-Seaport road, which is walkable distance from Lulu Cyber Tower 2.

Q. Is the IT Park accessible directly by road from the Airport?

A. Yes, 26 Kms by road: 45 minutes’ travel by Seaport Airport Highway.

Q. What are the added advantages for LULU CYBER TOWER 2 being situated in INFOPARK SEZ?

A. Corporate Income Tax: 100% exemption for 5 years + 50% exemption for next 5 years + 50% exemption on profits re-invested in SEZ units for next 5 years from commencement of operation. Exemption from Goods & Service Tax on purchase of equipment. Exemption from Import Duty on capital goods. Single window clearance. Customs Dept. on site. Exemption from Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, Property Tax & Profession Tax. SEZ has a ban on wild-cat strikes, as it is a notified Public Utility under the Industrial Disputes Act. SEZ is a secured area, with a high perimeter wall and 24/7 security at gate.

Q. What is the total power for the entire campus?

A. Main Building – 3000 kVA, Utility Building – 3000 kVA and Common Area – 600 kVA

Q. What is the average power given to each floor?

A. 0.50 kVA per 100 SQ. Feet excluding HVAC Chiller Load.

Q. What is the average tonnage given to each floor for air conditioning?

A. 70 TR X 4 Nos. = 280 TR per Floor. AHU is under the tenant’s scope.

Q. What is the power back up?

A. 100% power back up thro’ D.G sets

Q. What is the floor to ceiling height?

A. The floor to ceiling height (clear height) is 3.71 Meters.

Q. What is the column–to–column distance?

A. The column-to-column grid span is 11.8 meters average.

Q. What are the communication options available?

A. Communication Shafts for laying OFC cable for IPLC is available in each floor level. PSTN lines are available within Infopark thro’ BSNL.

Q. What are the connectivity options?

A. Internet Leased Line/ MPLS / National Long Distance (NLD) / International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) / I-MPLS Solution Providers: M/s. Tata Teleservices Limited, Airtel & Reliance Communications are available within Infopark campus. M/s. Bharti Airtel Ltd has their Internet POP (Point of Presence) inside Infopark Campus for corporate data / connectivity solutions. Connectivity thro’ SEA-ME-WE 4 & 5 cables.

Q. How many elevators are available?

A. 16 Nos. – Passenger (21 persons -1600 Kgs) , 2 Nos. – Service (1350 Kgs)

Q. What is the floor plate? Can it be shared by different tenants? Does the A/c have the flexibility to have 4 clients in a floor?

A. Floor Plate is 83,896 SQ. feet per Typical Office Floor. Each floor is provided with 4 nos. AHU Rooms and the floor can be divided into 4 or more office units and individual tenants can operate their own independent AHUs.

Q. Do you have separate A/c facility to cool the server room only?

A. Provision is made for precision A.C and the condenser units

Q. How do you prevent outside noise from entering office area?

A. The building has double structural glazing to minimize the noise levels and also the DGUs are energy efficient.

Q. Do you have to pay Stamp Duty, Registration Tax, Professional Tax, Building Property Tax, IGST etc.?


Q. What are the tax benefits available being in the SEZ?

A. Refer question no. 9

Q. What is the total number of car parks?

A. 1300 nos. of covered parking lots ,100 nos. of open parking lots

Q. What is the average car park allocation criteria?

A. One car park per every 800 Sq. Feet of leased space.

Q. How many car parks are available for visitors?

A. 15 car parking lots.

Q. How many two-wheeler parking slots are available?

A. 500 Nos.

Q. What are the rental options?

A. There are two kinds of rental options – 1) Warm Shell - A.C up to AHU room, FPS above False Ceiling, Power back up, Rest Rooms . 2) Fully Furnished option provided on selective basis

Q. What is the rental option for warm Shell?

A. The rental for warm shell space is Rs.45/- per month per sq.ft leased super built - up area.

Q. What is the rental for fully furnished space?

A. The rental for the fully furnished option is Rs.85/- per month per sq.ft leased super built-up area, subject to a fit out cost of Rs. 2000/- per sft.

Q. What is the Security Deposit?

A. Warm shell: 10 months’ rentals, Fully furnished: 10 months’ rentals

Q. What is the lock in period?

A. The lock in periods for each of the options is as follows: *Warm Shell : 3 years * Fully Furnished : 5 years

Q. What is the escalation?

A. 5% after every year or 18% after a term of 3 years

Q. What are the flexibility options available for sub lease?

A. Not available; SEZ Act does not allow sub leasing.

Q. What is the maintenance charge?

A. The maintenance charge is Rs.8/- per sq.ft per month.

Q. What are the various elements included under the maintenance charge?

A. 100% power backup. AMCs for lifts, electrical systems, EPABX, BMS, FPS, Generator etc. 24 hour operation & maintenance of all utilities. Common area Security, housekeeping, landscaping. EPABX at reception. Access control system compatible for tenants’ system. Building insurance, land lease and inspection fees. Painting and curtain wall cleaning and maintenance.

Q. How much Band width is provided by Service Providers in Infopark?

A. Internet Leased Line:   Offers guaranteed bandwidth. Symmetric upload & download (Must for Video conferencing, File / Image uploads etc.). 8 Static IPs (6 usable, 2 for configuration) - Must for Video conferencing, File servers, Mail servers etc.. 3 undersea cables each through Atlantic and Pacific routes to US. Offer best latencies to international / domestic destinations. Service  Level Guarantee based service. MRTG graph for bandwidth usage monitoring. 24x7 Technical support.

Q. What are the precautions taken for earthquake?

A. Seismic design of the building with raft foundation.

Q. Is there any option to grow up optic fiber cable from Internet Leased Line/ MPLS / NLD / IPLC / I-MPLS solution providers’ landing point at LULU CYBER TOWER 2 to individual floors?

A. Yes, Communication Shafts are provided.

Q. How stable is the power and what measures you have taken to ensure reliability?

A. 100% Back up DG Power provided. Redundancy available for the input source.

Q. What is the cost of power per unit?

A. Approx. Rs. 6.10 /unit at present.

Q. Do you have sufficient water to cater the A/c Chilling plant and for domestic use by the tenants?

A. Yes

Q. What are the banking facilities available in the zone?

A. International and domestic banking, foreign currency transaction possible from the SBI; Offshore Banking Unit.

Q. What are the additional outgoings per month?

A. The additional outgoings per month are as follows : Electricity Consumed as per actual. Chilled water used as per consumption. Common Area Electricity charges. Water charges.

Q. What are the facilities provided in LULU CYBER TOWER 2?

A. ATM/Banks ,Foreign Currency Exchange & Travel Desk, Courier Service, Medical Centre, Food Court, Mineral water kiosk, Transport Services, Fitness Centre

Q. Is there an option to rent out private cafeterias?

A. No. The Food Court will have retail area wherein there will be food outlets catering to different cuisines.

Q. What are the business hours for Lulu Tech Park Pvt. Ltd.?

A. The business hours on normal working day will be 9.00 am to 6.00 pm Sundays will be off.